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After my studentship I always stressed the need for career development of a purer nature. What that could be was always hovering round my mind.

Ultimately, I decided that I would embark upon a new adventure of establishing an academic institute of a humble nature. The idea of D.El.Ed institute loomed large in my mind.

It is very easy to catch an idea but difficult to translate it into practice. After the purchase of the land the building started to be constructed. Was it the end? Certainly not, so many difficulties; I had to face regarding the problem of recognition / Affiliation by competent authorities; they had been great obstacles. But I did not succumb to any kind of opposition in the form of a problem. Strong determination coupled with optimism paved the way for me. I succeeded to have the nod from the affiliating body.

Indira Gandhi Teachers' Training College became ultimately established on 24/09/2013 with high hopes. The institute started to draw students not only from Mogra block but also from neighboring areas.

From the very beginning I planned to give the institute a good start. To wit, the requisite number of teachers had been recruited. It had the sufficient number of non-teaching personnel. All joined hands selflessly to make my dream a reality.

What adds beauty to the glamour of the institute is this; from the very beginning the institute had the hostel for boys and girls along with staff quarters. I aspire to make an expansion of this training institute by appending one B.Ed college and one M.Ed college.

The boys and girls of our locality will not remain hungry. They will have a full-fledged training institute. None is required to go out of our locality.

Let all the people of our block veer round me to give me extra energy and enthusiasm so that I can move smoothly and champion my cause more vigorously.

(Firoz Halder)

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