• Tue, May 26, 2020 | 1:42:47 AM

A need had been long felt to meet the requirement of young learners who aspire to be teachers in the Primary School for little kids. In the absence of any such training institute here at Talandu the young learners had to move to different scattered parts of west Bengal. It gave me a great shock in my mind since I was the passive eye witness to the helplessness of boys and girls of our Mogra block.

I began planning to start teachers' training institute; but the impediment was profuse. I had to overcome them one after another. And at last like a flower the institute blossomed forth. A three storied building sprang up in our land before obtaining recognition from N.C.T.E. (National Council for Teacher Education) and affiliation from West Bengal Board of Primary Education, West Bengal. The institution had good start since 24/09/2013 with an intake of fifty (50) students both male and female.

I personally become satisfied when I think that all the formalities relating to the establishment of an institute like ours have been fulfilled. And the institute has been equipped with efficient teachers who leave no stone unturned to reach their goal. Everybody is honest and works sincerely from morning till evening. Our motto specially meant for our hostellers is; eat, drink and face best forward.

I thank both teaching and non-teaching members of our institute.

(Salim Halder)

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